Mel Gibson – Star and Super Dad

Hollywood has always been home to some of her most captivating celebrities of our world.

Mel Gibson’s 65, star (often controversial) and super dad (of nine)

The Oscar winner, who has repeatedly ended up in the storm for anti-Semitic claims and accusations of mistreatment, has given birth to nine children in forty years. The youngest, Lars Gerard, born in January 2017 from love with Rosalind Ross.

Mel Gibson, one of Hollywood’s most famous actors and directors, turns 65. The star, born in New York on January 3, 1956, over the years has not been talked about only for his films. The first sexiest man in the world (it was he, in 1985, who inaugurated the legendary “The Sexiest Man Alive” by People), has often been the center of controversy.

Just last June he was “deleted” from the sequel to Hens on the run (he will not lend his voice to the character of “Rocky Balboa”) because Winona Ryder recalled that 25 years ago, during a party, Gibson insulted her with racist comments, asking her if it were a «oven dodger», a vulgar and derogatory expression to indicate «the Jews fried in the oven» during the Second World War.

mel gibson

It is not the first time that the actor ends up in the storm. In 2006, arrested for drunk driving, he shouted at the officers: “Jews are responsible for all wars in the world.” In 2011 he ended up in prison on charges of mistreating ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva (he was sentenced by the Californian court in Malibu to three years of probation and to attend a center for alcoholics anonymous five times a week).

After the Oscars for Braveheart in ’95, his career was marked by the controversial Passion of the Christ, the disappointment of Apocalypto and other controversies. Confined to the fringes of Hollywood for years, in 2017, with the pacifist film The Battle of Hacksaw Ridge, Gibson returned to prominence. So much so that there was talk of his “resurrection”. At the time, to those who reminded him of the years of controversy for his anti-Semitic claims and his distant addictions to alcohol, he replied: “I have always paid personally, always, for my mistakes, my impetuousness. “

The star had a very eventful life also on the feelings side. So much so that he is also known as one of Hollywod’s super dads: with nine children, in our time, he is second only to Eddie Murphy (ten children). The first seven – the “oldest” is forty-year-old Hannah, the youngest is 20-year-old Thomas – he brought into the world with Robyn Moore. In 2006, after twenty-six years of marriage, their divorce caused a sensation also because Gibson had to pay his ex-wife the shocking sum of 400 million dollars.

The eighth daughter (Lucia, born in 2009), is the result of a brief and stormy relationship with the Russian musician Oksana Grigorieva, which ended with a complaint of her for mistreatment, racist insults and death threats. Only the relationship with the model Sarai Givaty, known on the set of The Expendables 3, remained “fruitless” in terms of offspring. While from the love with Rosalind Ross, alongside Gibson for five years, in January 2017 Lars Gerard was born.