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Horoscope and celebrity: the sky of 2021 for 12 stars

From Chiara Ferragni to Meghan Markle, from Jennifer Aniston to Kamala Harris: what do the stars reserve for twelve public figures who already this year – for various reasons – have taken the stage

The curtain has fallen on a 2020 that will (unfortunately) remain carved in history, the eyes are already pointed towards the new year, in the hope that it holds better surprises than its predecessor. Even the celebs are projected into the future, some eager to continue their battles, some to confirm themselves at the top, some instead of leaving after difficult months or rediscovering love. And what do the stars say about it? Here is the sky of 2021 for 12 stars who already last year – for various reasons – were long in the spotlight. The 2021 most anticipated films are on the horizon.

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Celestial Shows Not To Miss

The year that begins will offer many celestial and celebrity shows, including shocking meteor showers, solar and lunar eclipses and the grouping of four worlds. Find out here when and how to enjoy these astronomical phenomena.

Despite being an atypical year of social isolation and quarantines, the sky, that imaginary vault in which the stars move, offered shows that astonished and captivated, not only those who are passionate about astronomy, but also those in their homes they readied their telescopes and were encouraged to witness these phenomena. The astronomical calendar of the year that is ending left memorable events, such as the appearance of the bright comet NEOWISE, the shower of the shooting stars of the Geminids, the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn and a blue moon on Halloween, among others.

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The new year for the movie celebrities will be busy and a lot of events will be handled. A 2021 will be full of major sporting events too: here is the agenda so as not to lose any of them

2020 was supposed to be the year of the European Championships on tour and the Tokyo Olympics, postponed due to the pandemic: this year all the missed appointments are made up and many new dates are added

A 2021 full of major sporting events

A feast of sports in 2021, between the Tokyo Summer Olympics and the traveling European football championships which were postponed last year due to a pandemic. A very busy calendar also for two wheels, from the Giro d’Italia to the Tour de France to the European Championships (in Trentino) and the World Championships at the end of September in Flanders. As always, a lot of Formula 1 and MotoGP but not only: the next few months will also be decisive as regards the qualifications for the Tokyo Olympic Games, postponed to July 23 after the historic decision to postpone the event due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We have also seen disruption to dentists for athletes across many sports.

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