Major Google SEO Update Changes Explained

Google has recently published their latest web site ranking algorithm update. Google’s recent SEO update shows that they are looking to shift the focus back to quality signals rather than quantity. The update makes it harder for webmasters to benefit from their links if they are found to have sub-par content or misspelt keywords. This is being done to ensure more consistent and relevant information can be found online by Google users. Moving forward this poses questions as to what this may mean for across the web as well as SEO specialists globally.



What Does This Update Mean For Webmasters?

Webmasters will need to take the update as a green signal that their website is ready to compete against the rest of the SEO pack. If your web site still ranks poorly in major search engines like Google, chances are you will not see continued growth in organic traffic. More natural links are needed in this instance to facilitate further growth and improved ranking performance.

This means that you may need to revamp your website and put in more effort into generating quality backlinks. Google is looking to change the dynamic nature of how websites are ranked, and they are concluding that it is better to look at the link quality than link count. Now that Google has confirmed this policy, it’s clear that SEO agencies and digital marketers need to adjust how they rank their client’s websites.

Another reason why Google has introduced this algorithm update is to improve the experience for webmasters while optimizing their web sites. Google wants webmasters to get more out of their efforts. Google is looking to eliminate errors that could potentially hurt the ranking of a web site. Google is trying to give webmasters a better sense of security and rely less on link farms and web marketing tricks. The new update has also caused more confusion amongst the SEO community. Some experts are predicting that this new approach will lead to less influence in the SERPs (search engine result pages).



What Do Recent Google SEO Updates Mean For Websites?

In order to understand what this latest update means for webmasters; it is important to first understand what Google wants from web sites with their core web vitals. Google wants webmasters to place some of their most relevant and high-quality information on the homepages of their website. Doing this helps to build a helpful and informative website which is easy to use and access. The Google SEO update is bound to lead to changes in the way content is created online.

With the introduction of Google webmaster central (WPC), Google is attempting to fix the lack of authority that Google webmasters have had over their websites. According to a Google webmaster central press release, the new feature allows WPC users to specify rules for when a web site should show a Google logo or text. Google is also working hard to make the experience more user-friendly by adding additional tools that would allow WPC users to automatically increase the number of links on their homepages based on the relevancy of the content and keywords used across the website.